Terms & Conditions

Rules of order processing

1. The consumer assents to give precise information required for the order.

2. The user guarantees free access to posts and the profile’s data required for the completion of the order and its excellent performance.

3. In case the user provides wrong information, alters the username, changes, or deletes the post(s) or closes the profile after the completion of the order, it will be impossible to refund the order because the system will mark it as completed.

4. The algorithm systematizes orders regarding the time of its completion and launch. If a user creates several orders simultaneously using the same details, we will not guarantee their simultaneous performance and delivery. While the current order is not finished, it is better not to make supplementary ones.

5. We are not responsible for the already existing comments, likes, followers, and views when dealing with auto-refilled orders. The system can ban the refile in case the percentage turns out to be lower compared to the promised one provided by the system calculation.

6. We guarantee to perform the order within twenty-four hours after the user pays for it. As a rule, the system accepts and launches the order in 60 seconds after the payment. If the person doesn’t receive the order in 24 hours, he or she can expect bonuses connected with the delay.

7. People differ and their criteria of quality differ as well. We do our best to provide our customers with TOP quality service. We don’t deal with claims connected with the quality of likes, followers, comments, and views. The best option is to start with a small-rate order and to continue cooperating only if everything corresponds to the client’s standards.

Confidentiality policy

1. We use only reliable modern security and encryption systems to protect the personal information provided by our customers.

2. We don’t share the data about our clients with other services.

3. We don’t deal with spams and e-mailing of unsolicited advertising.

4. Each payment involves a third-party payment system that corresponds to the demands of Europe and America to protect information about our customer’s credit cards.

Refund policy

1. It is impossible to cancel the order after its launch.

2. You cannot refund or cancel the order in case you have decided to delete a post, correct something, change your username or just close your profile. The system recognizes such orders as completed.

3. The only reason for the refund is our inability to perform the order. You will receive a notification and we will return your money on the mentioned credit card.

4. Be ready to wait for your refund for up to 5 days. It is connected with your bank only. If you don’t get your money back, you’ll have to contact your bank to find out the reason.